Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day Fair on the Common

Today is a beautiful sunny day for Town Wide Clean Up and Earth Day on the Town Common.  There will be an info table about the market at the Fair, noon to 3:00. We already have NINETY-SIX!!!, Yes 96, friends signed up on facebook.  Every time we check there are more, so we know interest is building. We hope to be able to talk to lots of people today who aren't on fb. 

Applications are coming in and we will be posting soon the list of Founding Vendors, so keep checking in.  

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Monday, April 6, 2009


It is raining in buckets and it is greening up in the yard. So we know that besides spring being here according to the calendar, it will be here weather-wise.  This means May 1 will be here before we know it.  We are starting to check with Town Hall every day to see if any applications have arrived for Chelmsford Farmers' Market stalls.  So far we have positive verbal responses from three produce growers, one dairy, one cheese maker, one flower and herb grower/baker, one cookie baker, one bagel maker, one soap maker, and one woodenware maker.  We are still hoping for a beekeeper who will sell honey and beeswax products, a bread baker, a potter, and maybe an artisan who makes kitchen and table linens.  It will be hard to rest until we are certain we have vendors.

Although we understand that farmers can be a cautious lot, we hope all those verbal "Yays" turn into real applications.  Which came first: the chicken or the egg? certainly applies in this situation.  We want to be a successful, farmer friendly market, but if we don't get enough vendors because everyone is in the "hmmm...let's wait and see" mode, we can't be successful.  We are forging ahead with positive thoughts.

You may wonder what the title of this post, "Hamburgers," has to do with our market.  When Susan was a child, her father used to say, "I like rain because I like hamburgers."  It took awhile for her to figure out what he meant, but what he was saying was that the cattle who dotted the California hillsides ate grass and without rain there wouldn't be grass, so the cattle wouldn't fatten up.  I think you get the point. Farmers are our rain.  Without them coming to our market, we can't be successful.  We are hopeful our local farmers will see that we want to partner with them to bring healthy, locally grown food to Chelmsford.  

Onward and upward!