How to reduce chemicals use

Many farms in the world will use bad chemicals like to minimize fungi, bacteria or other bugs. 

Scientists at the North Carolina State University do some research to replace a use of high risk pesticides. They do some hard work to find a new type of eco friendly nanoparticles. 

Orlin velev, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering find a big question and work hard to solve that problem. How we can potentially remove the bad thing from chemicals like pesticides, for environment or human ingestion.

Orlin velev has discovered that silver-based nanoparticles can be replaced with non-harmful nanoparticles based on an organic polymer called lignin. Lignin has naturally found in most of plants. Such nanoparticles, designated as EbNPs, also carry highly active silver ions that attach to and kill bacteria, but their core is biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. “By doing so, we could actually make the nanoparticles keep their functionality but make them degradable while also reducing the amount of the silver core in the nanoparticle system,” Richter said. Based on their research. 

Velev and Richter founded a start-up company that will continue developing the method for industrial-grade production. They believe that discovered science can lead a new perception from many farms to change how they treatment agricultural product. This will rise an efficiency, reduce of chemicals use and make more green environment.
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